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Welcome to the Southern Obedience Club Inc. located 14.3 kilometres south of Hobart, Tasmania. We are the most southern not-for-profit dog training club in Australia. When the dog training class is pointing in the apt direction, members during stay exercises can gaze at the Derwent River that flows past Kingsto​n. One keeps one eye on the dog off-lead on our full enclosed dog training field.

We love dogs. In fact, we would like to train all of your dogs. Our dog training philosophy is in line with the dog training equivalent of a familiar saying, albeit dressed in modern guise, “Give a person a trained dog, and you sustain him for a day. Teach a person to train a dog, and you sustain her for a lifetime”.

Here at the Southern Obedience Club, positive reinforcement is to the fore. And significantly, our dog training methods reflect the current best thinking on how to nurture happy and well-trained dog. In 2020 the Australian National Kennel Council decided to introduce Trick Dog as a national sport. The development represents a wonderful innovation in formal dog training. All of the dog sports of dog obedience, gundog work, agility, rally O, treibball, and flyball, are grounded in the principal elements of dog tricks. Consequently, we have integrated dog tricks into our syllabus at all levels.

The development of our dog training program has not been at the expense of the fundamentals. Our redesigned dog training syllabus covers the important exercises of teaching you on how to train your dog not to pull on a lead, to come when called, and ways to stop your dog from jumping up on family members, and strangers.

So, why not pursue dog training in beautiful Kingston. Our principal goal is train you on how to gain a happy, and well-trained dog. By integrating Dog Tricks into our classes, we seek to teach you how to train your dog to reach his or her full potential using fun as a motivator of dogs and humans alike.

A brief description of the various classes can be found under the page entitled Classes. And our relatively modest costs, and training times are to be found under Frequently Asked Questions  

Class times:

Puppy between 11.45-12.15

Foundations (beginner's class) 2.30-3.15

Intermediate 1.30-2.15

CCD and above 1.00-1.45

Novice and above 12:30-1:15

One can find the membership application and membership renewal under the folder FORMS.

Please remember to include a scan/photo of your dog's current vaccination certificates to your online application. You cannot bring your dog to the club ground until we have checked off the health record.Most new members will be paying seventy-three (73) dollars for a single membership or eighty-six (86) dollars for a joint membership. We do not have access to power so payment by eftpos is not possible. Please bring cash. FacebookSOC and FacebookYour club now has a facebook site. Read the various contributions and feel free to make some of your own.In case of bad weather please read the facebook page. I am able to update that page quickly. I cannot update the webpage to the site your reading at the moment unless I am in front of my computer.

These are our well manicured grounds. We have a dedicated puppy area and plenty of room for your dog to socialise with other friendly K9's